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31 July 2018

Next month the inaugural European Championships gets underway in Glasgow and Berlin. With plans to be staged every four years the exciting 11-day multi-sport event includes some of Europe’s leading sports, including Athletics, Cycling, Rowing, Triathlon, Gymnastics, Aquatics and Golf Team Championships. Over 4,500 athletes will complete and be watched with a potential audience of more than one billion television viewers worldwide.

Since early June, Riddell PM’s Matt Tasker has been working closely with Glasgow City Council and the Glasgow 2018 VDO Management Team, providing CDM Manager services for all 15 venues throughout Scotland.

Picture shows Bonnie the official mascot of Glasgow 2018, Berlino the official mascot of Berlin 2018, with Matt in the middle, at the Glasgow 2018 Albion Street headquarters.

Bonnie, Matt Tasker and Berlino

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