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20 December 2019

Each year Riddell PM organises our Hamlet Golf Event, and we invite many friends of the Hamlet. Our guests enjoy a free day golfing at Pitlochry, but in return we ask that they make a small donation which we keep aside until this time of year and donate to charities at Christmas.

This year we collected £400 in donations from the Hamlet guests and the Company has equalled this giving a total of £800 to distribute to whorthwhile causes. This year it was decided to split the donations allowing 2 separate charities to benefit from the donations.

The first £400 has been donated to “The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal” which you’ve probably seen advertised. Our donation will help give a family a meal on the table and some presents for Christmas Day, all of which can too easily be taken for granted. 

The other £400 was donated to “Crisis” which you may also have seen advertised. This will make a huge difference to some people without a home this Christmas and could even be the first step out of homelessness. Absolutely awful thought to be living rough!!

Crisis Christmas Appeal 2019
Salvation Army Christmas Appeal 2019

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