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Helps Earn 1 Credit under MAN 4 of the BREEAM Assessment

What is a BREEAM Building User Guide?

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment (BRE) Environmental Assessment Method) User Guides are a small additional document that supplement the Building Log Book to include the environmental assessment findings relating to a building and provide Building Users with an introduction to their working environment.

The principal purpose of the document is to ensure users are aware of the Green features of their building and how to interface with them. They are often intended for non-technical personnel with little or no knowledge of the building or the systems within.

Riddell PM prepares BREEAM Building User Guides on behalf of Clients to complete the Handover Documentation set and provide the end deliverable in an easy to use, fully updateable format.

Riddell PM manage the overall process of collating and presenting the required documentation in a fully complaint format and structure so our Client can achieve the Man 4 credit under the BREEAM Assessment.

Example Projects

The following construction Projects involved Riddell PM producing BREEAM Building User Guides:

Marr College, Troon
Industry Engagement Building, Glasgow
110 Queen Street, Glasgow

Why use Riddell PM?

  • We save your project team valuable time chasing and collating most of the information used in BREEAM Building User Guide
  • We keep you fully informed and provide a draft version for comment before the final version is issued.
  • A site visit is included in our fee, to ensure the correct photographs are used throughout the document.
  • We can easily accommodate sites anywhere across the United Kingdom.
  • Our company holds ISO9001 accreditation, which demonstrates we value high quality products.
  • Our Production Team has an excellent track record of producing complaint 2008 and 2011 BREEAM Building User Guides.

Our team would be delighted to discuss your project and your requirements. Normally we produce the BREEAM Building User Guide in conjunction with production of the Building O&M Manuals during the construction period, however we are happy to work directly with the end client if more suitable.

Please call us on 01383 622 500 or email us on [email protected]

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