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Subsea Cable Operation & Maintenance Information & Data stored in a single digital Database

Designed for the Global Subsea Industry  

Our Submarine Cable Information System is a bespoke interactive electronic system designed for the rapid retrieval of both inland and offshore submarine power and telecoms cable O&M data, ROV Video, nautical maps, risk assessments, and much more.

In practice each subsea cable requires the secure storage of substantial levels of complex Operation & Maintenance data, certification and relevant documentation which clients need to access quickly, from anywhere in the world.  Our database driven product has been developed for the storage of this essential data and for the ability for users to access it wherever and whenever suits their own circumstances best.

Flexible Storage and Access Options

Today’s corporate environments provide very little space to house vast libraries of hard copy information, which normally collect dust in an archive room.

Due to the substantial levels of O&M information and data which relate to subsea cables, our clients can now elect from a variety of storage methods, ranging from Discs, USB drives, their own in-house servers or indeed on the cloud stored within secure data centres.

These storage options allow our clients to have full flexibility in the way they access their Subsea Cable Data and provide this information to third party partners.


Full and Comprehensive Service

The Subsea Cable Database can be designed to include a wide variety of information such as Health & Safety Files, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Asset Information, Specifications, Legal Documents, Title Deeds, Certificates, Drawings and Photographs, ROV Video, Diver Video, Vessel Information, Nautical Maps, Calculations, Tidal Data, Manufacturers’ Literature, As-Fitted Drawings. These can all be incorporated and we can normally accommodate additional client requirements.

In preparing a Subsea Cable Database, Riddell PM can also convert existing hard copy data into a compliant digital format, along with any existing digital data for inclusion into the final product. A simple call to Riddell PM and your Subsea Cable Database can be updated with minimum fuss and minimum expense.


SSE manages the subsea power cables which connect the islands of Scotland with mainland UK. They wished to convert substantial amounts of hard copy information and close to one hundred CD’s into an easier to use system which would help both SSE teams and third party contractors access the relevant data quickly and easily. As Riddell PM had worked with SSE on over 40 wind farm projects we were able to develop a product which met SSE’s requirements.

Initially the requirement was just to include Orkney and the Shetland Islands, However as the product worked as designed, SSE subsequently Riddell PM to extend the coverage to the remaining Scottish Islands and to also include inland lochs.


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